Want to know about your employees before you hire them?

Do a background check. Here is the most comprehensive employment screening services

Credit History
Shows applicant’s debt load, payment history, any public record information (liens, judgments, bankruptcies), addresses, past and current employers. (note: account set-up and purpose of report investigation is required)

Criminal History
(Statewide/County/Federal) Determines felony and/or misdemeanor records. Essential to avoid legal liability from Negligent Hiring. Your choice to search by county, statewide, or in federal court. Please see our City Cross Reference  to determine the appropriate counties.

Motor Vehicle Records
A review of the applicant’s current history in any state requested. Motor Vehicle Reports list all infractions within the past three to five years and verify the status and classification of license. An excellent tool to help determine if the applicant is a “responsible person”

Previous Employment Verification
Confirms employment, dates, position, job performance, title, performance and productivity, attitude, skills, attendance, eligibility for rehire and reasons for termination. Look up Linked In for more details.

Education Verification
Confirms that the subject actually attended the college, the number of years and the precise degree received, if any.

County Civil Court Records
Reveals civil judgments, liens, law suits by or against subject or business

Personal Reference Check
A verification of the applicant’s personal references included on his or her résumé or application. This comprehensive survey conducted  by skilled operators covers several topics including Psychological Problems, Family, Domestic Relations, Trustworthiness, Reliability, Use of Illegal Substances and Abuse of Alcohol.

Worker’s Compensation Reports
Review of compensation claims made by applicant (in States where available). This report covers ALL claims and dispositions filed with the applicable state.

Social Security Number Verification
Indicates whether not the number was assigned to the individual, current address, where it was assigned and if the person to whom it was assigned has since been reported as deceased to the Social Security Administration.

Social Security Number Trace
Reveals the name of the card holder, current and former addresses, whether the number is terminated, deceased, or never issued; where issued; age or year of birth; past and current employers

Federal Civil Search
Federal civil records are searched at an appropriate US District Court. Cases are typically related to interstate commerce, violations of civil rights, issues involving the federal government, financial institutions, etc.

Professional License Verification
Any state or federal government issued professional license can be verified. Shows accuracy of applicant’s license, current status, disciplinary action, last renewal date, original date of issue, and when it will expire.

The employees travelling overseas need to have a valid Passport based on which the company will apply for a visa, purchase medical coverage for the employee to travel overseas and also issue foreign currency. If the employee does’t not have a passport or if it has expired overseas travelling is impossible