Significance of Background Checks

The process of compiling and looking up commercial, criminal and financial records of an organization or individual is known as background investigation or background check. Companies nowadays carry out background checks to confirm the details as presented in the resume of an applicant to be certain that there will be no problem or any repercussion if such an applicant is eventually employed. As necessary as background check is, many organizations now make it a pre-requisite or pre-employment condition.
Organizations deem it fit to request for background checks on prospective job seekers for employment screening, particularly when the applicant is applying for a position of trust or high security in a financial institution, school, government establishment, hospital and airport. These checks are conducted by government agencies and private organizations for an insignificant amount of money.
Types of Background checks
The types of background checks available are; employment history verification, resume accuracy check, educational background check, drug test, credit card standing check, motor vehicle and criminal records verification.
Reasons for Background Checks
Although there are many reasons for performing a background check, the most vital reason for carrying out background checks by companies is to detect and expose any criminal history that a candidate may have. They want to ascertain whether the prospective candidate have been convicted in the past for driving under the influence of alcohol or other prohibited drugs, petty theft, larceny, drug related offences, trespassing and shoplifting among others.
Furthermore, the exercise is also important for the authentication of the authenticity of the job title claims. In this respect, the applicant must complete an application form for the employer while the listed employers will have to authenticate salary, job title and time of work. Explanation will then be required from the applicant by the employer should there be any discrepancy.
Checking references is another significance of background checks as the present company want to hear the opinion about their prospective employee from previous employers. They want to know more about the applicant’s behavior and character.
However, if any organization failed to conduct a background check, there will be no way to authenticate any false claim of the candidate which can lead to terrible effect on the organization and this can dent the image of the company as it will destroy all that the executives of the company have labored to build.