Pre-employment screening – A prerequisite in today’s world

Pre-employment screening checks are gaining in popularity by the day as a useful risk management tool. An increasing number of companies have implemented these screening checks in order to avoid complications and issues with the selected candidates in future. In today’s world wherein a right candidate is looked upon as an asset to a company, companies have begun to understand the worth of such screening services and are readily investing in the same.

The organization or company can take the decision whether to opt for a screening process conducted in-house or whether to have the screening check outsourced to an authorized agency that carries out pre-employment screening checks. Considering the time factor most companies prefer having the screening outsourced. The agencies in turn look into the social and criminal records of the prospective candidate and also have their driving records checked.

These authorized screening agencies have the required knowledge, information and are well versed with the procedures involved, they also have the contacts with the police departments, legal authorities and federal government bodies.

If the company decides to undertake the screening in-house they would need to have thorough knowledge of how to go about the procedure as certain information can only be accessed through specialized software and hence the company needs to get hold of the right information resources. The company will also need to consider whether is worth devoting the productive time of the company staff and the resources that will be required to handle the screening in-house and accordingly decide if they should take up the screening themselves or have it outsourced.

When the screening process is outsourced it usually takes a day or two for the agency to track the applicant’s records and report the same. The screening agencies usually charge the company a one day’s salary which is just a small investment viewing the advantages of pre-employment screening checks.