Variegated pre employment screening checks for varied job positions

An employment screening or background check is an investigation probing into the public, financial and public records of a person. Such pre employment screening checks are usually conducted when a prospective candidate applies for a position that involves high security – For example, The position of a Vice President of a bank or Airport authority personnel or a position where trust is of prime importance – For example, The post of a Principal or Dean/ Medical Superintendent.

The information that is collected in a pre employment screening service includes details of the prospective candidate’s past employment, history of credit and criminal records if any.

Such background screening checks were traditionally conducted by the police force for high security positions wherein the background of the person would help to identify if the prospective candidate could pose to be a threat to the security of a state or country. But now, such pre employment screening checks are gaining in popularity and almost all big business houses, industries, companies and organizations are opting to have their prospective candidates screened by authorized private screening agencies. This service works as a useful tool in risk management.

While most employers prefer to check common records of the prospective employees like the – driving records, criminal history and verification of education. Huge corporate firms and multi national companies go for an exclusive pre-employment screening check that includes verification of identity and address proof (to check whether the prospective candidate is actually the same as he claims to be), employment references, verification of educational qualifications – (Whereby the authenticity of the degree certificates produced is verified), character reference, report of criminal history, gaps in employment if any, credit record – bankruptcies if any etc. The kind of pre employment screening that is done will depend on the job position that one has applied for.