A thorough search of the past always amounts to a stronger future

Alivia : August 3, 2013 5:19 pm : Recent

Companies however big or small, have resorted to performing the tedious process of background checks on each and every employee they are about to recruit. Why is this so important, when everywhere organizations are trying to cut down on various costs? There are so many ways one can go about doing this, the easiest being directly questioning the candidate about every facet of his professional life. However, with time, this has proved to be an ambiguous method because not everybody deems it necessary to be completely honest even when it happens to be to their own future employer. Several major corporations have experienced major losses because they had failed to check upon their employees on their previous records especially their place of work and so on. Background checks are synonymous with preventing a disease, rather than spending more money in fighting the same. Similarly, if you wish to safeguard your organization from such losses, then it is better to set aside a decent budget in order to perform these screening services.
Apart from the company’s standpoint, another important aspect would be from the Government’s perspective. To be more clear, wouldn’t you rather know for sure whether the new recruit held any criminal records previously or may have done something else that didn’t exactly go down well with his previous employer? Yes, every bit of information counts, the more you know the less you will have to worry. You can choose to outsource such background checks, since there are several third party agencies that conduct such investigations with the utmost discretion. Or you could appoint a trusted group of existing employees to carry out the task for you, in case you feel you don’t want to bank on external agencies.

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Employment screening services – Must in every company

Alivia : July 28, 2013 9:04 am : Recent

Employment screening services have become mandatory in the recent times. With fraudulent activities becoming more common by the day, it is important that the employees are checked properly to avoid any issues in future. Every organization risks their reputation and service because of the mistakes they commit while hiring their employees. It is important to get it right the first time because it may reflect on the financial aspects of the organization, in future. It is quite natural that the reputation of the company is being judged every time when the employee interacts with their clients, general public and their co-workers. Hence, a strong employment screening service must be carried out before hiring.
The screening services must ensure that they don’t interfere in the private life of the employees they hire. Apart from this, there are ample numbers of reasons why an employee should be screened before joining a company. Ensuring the safety of clients, data and staffs is important. No organization can compromise on losing their confidential information. It will not only affect the reputation of the company but also affects the revenue of the organization. It is mandatory to check if the employee had committed any crimes beforehand.
In addition to the screening services, there are ways for the employers to reduce exposure and project themselves in a right way. Employment screening services concentrate on different variety of lists such as criminal records, employment verification, skills and behavior and international checks. Some positions in an organization require experience and skills. Employment screening services helps you gather information about the individual so that it doesn’t affect the quality of service that they offer. Mostly, the employment screening services are invited to cross check the information provided by the employees. Thus, the employment screening services are necessary in every organization to avoid difficulty.

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Background checks – A must have in today’s corrupted world

Alivia : June 10, 2013 4:46 pm : Recent

“Appearances are deceptive”. This quote is becoming true in lot of instances in today’s times. Also, this has called for the state of performing screening test in every field. Background checks are nothing but investigating about a person or an organization’s commercial, financial and criminal records. Compiling such information is essential because it will make sure that they avoid discrepancies. The background checks have become more of a necessity in the business sector than any other field. Any organization that offers employment has picked up this form of employment screening. They seek the help of the famous employment screening services to do the checks for their employees. The employment screening is mainly done to gain a position of trust and to avoid any problems. Background checks are frequently conducted to re-confirm whether the information given in the resume/curriculum vitae are true or not.
Other than the company officials, even the employees go for the background checks about their company to make sure that the work environment is safe. A complete employment screening report involves number of steps ranging from Identity and Address verification, Character Reference check to criminal history and credit history. With increase in instances of professionals getting involved with crime, it is mandatory that every company performs an employment screening test before recruiting an individual. Fraudulent activities by the employees who are not checked properly could create huge losses despite ruining the reputation of the organization.
For example, LexisNexis is an online employment screening service that helps organizations to hire deserving employees. These are majorly used by the HR professionals and managers since 1940’s. Employment Screening Services Inc (ESS) is another famous service-provider that offers accurate, meaningful, cost-effective and reliable information about the employees. This service has done a better job in helping the clients in taking better decisions. ESS is known for its extensive background screenings tests and drug testing checks.

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The importance of background verification of future employees

Alivia : June 3, 2013 3:34 pm : Recent

In the past few years, criminal offences reported aren’t just connected with robbing a bank or stealing from houses, it has come so much farther than that. Cyber-crimes, identity thefts, credit card frauds, corporate espionage and so on continue to cripple the integrity which this world has. Well, as the famous saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure’ we can definitely extend it to the crimes that happen around us all the time. Especially when an organization is recruiting employees whether it happens to be one or several in number, it is important to know about their history and I don’t just mean their employment history. Considering the extent of crimes being committed in various organizations across the world, it would be wise to simply do background checks before you go ahead with recruiting a particular candidate. Yes, a background check is absolutely essential in this age where identity thefts and corporate spying is rampant.
Although most companies are only bothered about the candidate’s recent work history it is necessary to implement a full-fledged background check especially if you are sure of recruiting a particular person. It is not just about their performance at work that matters, it also matters whom they have worked, the position they held, almost every year since their birth should be legally accounted for. Now this may seem as a daunting and tedious task to companies which are quite busy carrying out their daily operations, this is where third party employment screening services come in handy. There are several third party organizations that specialize in carrying out such thorough background checks for you. They are usually unbiased in their evaluation; however it is always a safe bet to make sure that you hire the right kind of people to do this. Although it may sound like an unnecessary expenditure to do background checks, it is highly essential in order to save a lot of embarrassment later on, plus most of the reputed organizations are allotting a separate budget for employment screening services. Get that!

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Variegated pre employment screening checks for varied job positions

Alivia : December 14, 2012 9:29 am : Recent

An employment screening or background check is an investigation probing into the public, financial and public records of a person. Such pre employment screening checks are usually conducted when a prospective candidate applies for a position that involves high security – For example, The position of a Vice President of a bank or Airport authority personnel or a position where trust is of prime importance – For example, The post of a Principal or Dean/ Medical Superintendent.

The information that is collected in a pre employment screening service includes details of the prospective candidate’s past employment, history of credit and criminal records if any.

Such background screening checks were traditionally conducted by the police force for high security positions wherein the background of the person would help to identify if the prospective candidate could pose to be a threat to the security of a state or country. But now, such pre employment screening checks are gaining in popularity and almost all big business houses, industries, companies and organizations are opting to have their prospective candidates screened by authorized private screening agencies. This service works as a useful tool in risk management.

While most employers prefer to check common records of the prospective employees like the – driving records, criminal history and verification of education. Huge corporate firms and multi national companies go for an exclusive pre-employment screening check that includes verification of identity and address proof (to check whether the prospective candidate is actually the same as he claims to be), employment references, verification of educational qualifications – (Whereby the authenticity of the degree certificates produced is verified), character reference, report of criminal history, gaps in employment if any, credit record – bankruptcies if any etc. The kind of pre employment screening that is done will depend on the job position that one has applied for.

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Pre-employment screening – A prerequisite in today’s world

Alivia : November 23, 2012 4:56 pm : Recent

Pre-employment screening checks are gaining in popularity by the day as a useful risk management tool. An increasing number of companies have implemented these screening checks in order to avoid complications and issues with the selected candidates in future. In today’s world wherein a right candidate is looked upon as an asset to a company, companies have begun to understand the worth of such screening services and are readily investing in the same.

The organization or company can take the decision whether to opt for a screening process conducted in-house or whether to have the screening check outsourced to an authorized agency that carries out pre-employment screening checks. Considering the time factor most companies prefer having the screening outsourced. The agencies in turn look into the social and criminal records of the prospective candidate and also have their driving records checked.

These authorized screening agencies have the required knowledge, information and are well versed with the procedures involved, they also have the contacts with the police departments, legal authorities and federal government bodies.

If the company decides to undertake the screening in-house they would need to have thorough knowledge of how to go about the procedure as certain information can only be accessed through specialized software and hence the company needs to get hold of the right information resources. The company will also need to consider whether is worth devoting the productive time of the company staff and the resources that will be required to handle the screening in-house and accordingly decide if they should take up the screening themselves or have it outsourced.

When the screening process is outsourced it usually takes a day or two for the agency to track the applicant’s records and report the same. The screening agencies usually charge the company a one day’s salary which is just a small investment viewing the advantages of pre-employment screening checks.

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Things to consider while conducting Employees Background Checks

Alivia : November 1, 2012 6:50 pm : Recent

Any company before hiring an employee must have their background checks done to make sure that the employee they are hiring in their company does not have any criminal background.

Most of the companies conduct such background checks for high risk and high confidential positions such as a senior managerial position in a bank or some financial organizations. Such positions are highly confidential and many companies hire candidates based on trust. But at the same time, conducting a background check will help the company realize and understand why the candidate has left his or her previous job.

Apart from their last job, conducting a background check will help companies find out whether their employee is having any unpaid loans or any other liabilities which they need to clear. This will help the companies get a bigger picture of their employee background before hiring them.

There have been cases where employees have siphoned millions of dollars from their company without the knowledge of the management. By the time the company realized the missing funds, these employees might have already resigned from their positions and left for an altogether different country. That is the reason why employee background checks have started gaining popularity over the years.

Many companies hire employees based on recommendation from their staff. It is always advised to check the background of such employees even though they are being referred by one of the most trusted employees from the company.

There are many companies across the globe providing such services. In the event you wish to know the background of a particular candidate, all what you need to provide is the ‘Social Security Number’ of the employee. This is applicable for US citizens. Other countries will require to provide the candidates’ passport details to these companies and they will provide a detailed information regarding candidate’s background.

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Employment screening – Much needed in today’s times

Alivia : October 15, 2012 6:04 pm : Recent

Well to start with, employment screening is basically a check on the background of an individual applying for a job vacancy. These checks include screening of an applicant’s resumes, education, credit history, references, certifications, professional licenses, screening for driving and drug records and detailed information about the individual including past criminal history if any. The end results obtained from such employment screenings are precise and can be used to take legal action against the applicant.

The job market today is flooded with agencies with professional staff that offer screening services for the screening of employees in various sectors – be it technical mechanical, financial, medical, administration, production, procurement, management or any other field and can help the company or business establishment in selecting and employing the best candidate. In the past, organizations used to usually hire candidates based on the merits or performance and gave no importance to their background, which eventually caused severe problems for organizations. There are many instances wherein candidates that had been employed only on the basis of trust without any employment screening have squandered away with company funds leaving the company in huge loses besides fraudulent employees leaving an impact on the company’s reputation with their involvement in fraudulent transactions and deals when a part of the company.

In today’s times, such employment or pre employment screening checks are the need of the hour. As there are a lot of people misleading the world with fake identities and documentation.

The services of these screening companies are not just cost effective but truly professional and confidential, guaranteeing the authenticity of the educational qualifications mentioned by the candidate.

Appearances can really be deceptive when it comes to judging the authenticity of an individual. And hence employment screening is the only full proof way to ensure the authenticity of an individual seeking employment.

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Background Check for Traveller

Dominik : August 21, 2012 2:49 pm : Recent

Information about people sometimes communicates better about their personality. So companies are always careful at the point of recruitment of employees. This is very necessary as the future of the business invariably depends on the type of employees. Employees that lack commitment and tolerance may cause great havoc to the business. The customer would have direct contact with the employees and not the employer in most cases.

However, character sometime might not be easily deciphered from the outlook of individual. It is the internal component of man. To know the attitude of man, a close look at how he behaves is necessary. Therefore, the issue of background check is very important when recruiting workers. It is a way of checking the behaviour of a potential employee. It involves the guarantee of good behaviour of the person is all what is involved in the background check. To present someone as an embodiment of good character requires a deep thought; therefore, giving someone a background check could be a careful task to undergo.

When the person, who wants to get a background, had worked previously in an establishment, the background check is preferably given by the establishment. Most companies would only accept background check of a prospective worker from his previous company.

In case it involves travelling overseas for new job or seminar, the need for background check becomes more pronounced. The details about the behaviour of the person are very vital in his chance of being given job. There is no company that would love to recruit fraud and morally debauched employee. Therefore, a background check would be required from his previous place of work.

When requesting for a background check, the employees travelling overseas need to have a valid Passport based on which the company will apply for visa for the employee to travel overseas and also issue foreign currency. If the employee does not have a passport or if it has expired, overseas travelling is impossible.

This is because, most companies overseas would ask for the passport at the embassy and without a valid passport, visa cannot be issued.

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Why Your Business Needs Employment Screening Services

Alivia : August 9, 2012 8:20 am : Recent

Are you having the plan of hiring an established team of versatile individuals to fortify your workforce with high level of integrity for credibility and a successful business? As an employer of labor, are you looking for highly reputable, decent and highly qualified personnel that will build a strong team for your business? If your answer to the above questions is “YES”, you require the service of reliable employment screening services that will meet your business goals and need of your human resources for more revenues and profits.
Possible Employment Screening Services
Well designed employment screening services will include labor arbitration record, behavior assessment, criminal records verification, working experience, disciplinary records, working ability, package range verification, business credit report, civil litigation report, working performance, Federal records search, social security number trace, professional license verification, employment verification, skills and motor vehicle report among many others.
Employment screening services by a competent organization will relieve your company of the stress associated with recruitment and allow you to have adequate concentration on some other critical issues of your business. When an employment screening is incorporated, it will not only help in eliminating the hiring of a recruitment agency, but also ensure the hiring of the right candidate. This idea of using one stone to kill a bird will save your company manpower and revenue.
Furthermore, the organization you offered the hiring service will also be in charge of the preparation of all the required documents like reference checks and background information. On the other hand, hiring screening professionals to help you will save you the problem of selection for examinations, conducting examinations for all the eligible applicants as well as interviews for all that scale through the examination stage.
You will be using the service of another company who is expert in human resources procedure and requirements when you employ the service of a recruitment agency for your company.
Consequently, without beating about the bush, employment screening services will cater for all your business requirements because it will offer solution needed in checking and screening each applicant in the area of medical history, drug tests, credit history reports and credit checks, professional and personal background as well as Federal applicants’ records.

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Significance of Background Checks

Alivia : July 27, 2012 11:41 am : Recent

The process of compiling and looking up commercial, criminal and financial records of an organization or individual is known as background investigation or background check. Companies nowadays carry out background checks to confirm the details as presented in the resume of an applicant to be certain that there will be no problem or any repercussion if such an applicant is eventually employed. As necessary as background check is, many organizations now make it a pre-requisite or pre-employment condition.
Organizations deem it fit to request for background checks on prospective job seekers for employment screening, particularly when the applicant is applying for a position of trust or high security in a financial institution, school, government establishment, hospital and airport. These checks are conducted by government agencies and private organizations for an insignificant amount of money.
Types of Background checks
The types of background checks available are; employment history verification, resume accuracy check, educational background check, drug test, credit card standing check, motor vehicle and criminal records verification.
Reasons for Background Checks
Although there are many reasons for performing a background check, the most vital reason for carrying out background checks by companies is to detect and expose any criminal history that a candidate may have. They want to ascertain whether the prospective candidate have been convicted in the past for driving under the influence of alcohol or other prohibited drugs, petty theft, larceny, drug related offences, trespassing and shoplifting among others.
Furthermore, the exercise is also important for the authentication of the authenticity of the job title claims. In this respect, the applicant must complete an application form for the employer while the listed employers will have to authenticate salary, job title and time of work. Explanation will then be required from the applicant by the employer should there be any discrepancy.
Checking references is another significance of background checks as the present company want to hear the opinion about their prospective employee from previous employers. They want to know more about the applicant’s behavior and character.
However, if any organization failed to conduct a background check, there will be no way to authenticate any false claim of the candidate which can lead to terrible effect on the organization and this can dent the image of the company as it will destroy all that the executives of the company have labored to build.

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Employment Screening Services As Vital Part of Hiring an Employee

Dominik : July 13, 2012 6:00 am : Recent

Employment screening services are designed to offer companies with accurate and timely background checks of candidates that are to be employed into an organization or even the existing staff members. Employment screening services are necessary in an organization to select the right employees for the right positions in such organization because to hire a suitable employee can be a serious process. Moreover, your choice of candidates will become a contributing factor to the success or failure of your business.

Employment screening services involves; education identity, professional certification, criminal records, disciplinary records, working experience, working ability, labor arbitration record, package range verification, working performance, social security number trace, civil litigation report, business credit report, Federal records search, professional license verification, motor vehicle report, employment verification, OFAC Global terrorist search, Skills and behavior assessment among others.

Significance of Employment Screening Services

Employment screening services are being carried out in an organization for so many reasons that include the following;

1. There can be inconsistencies in the curriculum vitae and resume of the candidate seeking employment which may not be detected if screening exercise is not carried out.

2. There is the need to conduct certain set of checks and tests in respect of personal details and professional profile for positions of special security.

3. Employment screening that ensures a methodical background check can go a long way in helping to differentiate between a weak and possible employee for a particular position.

4. To choose the most outstanding and qualified employee after a better understanding of the ethics of the candidates profession.

5. To evaluate the professional attitude and loyalty of the candidate.

6. To guide against unnecessary loss of repute and property as well as to offer support for the HR (Human Resource).

There is no doubt that it is a difficult task to hire an employee for an organization. This is because the kind of candidates you will employ will make or mar your organization. However, the introduction of employment screening services will prevent employers or companies from hiring wrong candidates because there will be accurate and timely background verifications of the candidates to be hired.

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Why Use Employment Screening Services?

Dominik : July 6, 2012 6:24 pm : Recent

There is a service that is available to companies that are looking for new employees. These are known as employment screening services. Let us take a quick look at why companies might make use of these kinds of services.

The first thing that these kinds of services will do it save the employing company a lot of time. They take over the responsibility of advertising the job that needs to be filled and going through the resumes that are received to find the most suitable applicants. They will generally also take care of getting references for the people that they recommend to the company doing the hiring. If a person does not have good references they will generally not even be considered for the position from the very start.

This means that although the company will pay a substantial fee to the employment agency they will more than make up for it by not having to spend the time looking for new employees. Instead they only have to conduct a few interviews and leave the rest to the employment agency. This time saving is really what makes the expense so very worthwhile to any company that is looking for a new employee.

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Why we should go for employment screening services?

Dominik : March 14, 2012 8:29 am : Recent

Procurement is a very important task to human resource department where it is the time to attract the talents to willing come to the company and work for it. it is also very critical to company where they always wish for to recruit the best people in order to achieve their mission and vision. Thus, human resource department are responsible to screening the candidates and choose the right one for the company. It is not a simple and easy job where they need to spend a lot of time and cost in order to execute the procurement activities, and the result is not guarantee where you might get zero suitable candidates for it or might have out of expected good result. But, currently, there are so many agencies are providing the employment screening services where the agency will do the screening for the candidates then only to send the potential candidates to the company for further selection. it helps the company to save time and cost where they only do for the final selection.

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Select a better person as employee

Dominik : February 29, 2012 8:26 am : Recent

When a person applies for the job as part of the interview process company’s executives inquire about the persons personal information, education and some general questions. All this is very important for a company before they hire a person. Because employees are the main resource of a company and its reputation depend upon them. So company has right to check employee background for this purpose. If a person has good reputation in the market and good personal attitude they add to the good and honest employee list that also encourage other employees to make company better in the market. On other side if a bad attitude person join the company with his dishonesty and less hardworking they influence the other employees too and this problem can decrease the graph of good will of a company. So it’s very important for a company to select a better person as an employee.

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